Frequently asked questions

Our knowledge, expertise and passion

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge to ensure your precious items are always at their best. We advise on the best solutions for all our customers & explain & educate on why things will (or won’t) be suitable. Feel free to take a look at our frequently asked questions, or book a consultation with our jeweller if you need more assistance.

Do we repair & manufacture jewellery on site?

Yes our main point of difference is our workshop & jewellers are situated in our showroom for clients to speak with & view the workshop proceedings. You can see the progress of your item live, have questions answered & your hubby can be mesmerised by our craftmanship while you browse for something special.

Can I book a time with the jeweller?

We prefer to book appointments for you to discuss your stunning new creation & to guarantee his time without interruption. There is some opportunity for meetings outside business hours, available for those not working 9-5 & couples with busy family lives.

What do I do with my old worn or broken jewellery?

As manufacturers we often use & recycle the old metals & gemstones to create a stunning new piece. This can include a family heirloom, worn engagement ring, or items that are unwearable. We explain the pro's & con's of using old gold & recommend the best way to incorporate your old jewellery in the new design.

Do we cut gemstones?

We are gemologists however we leave the gem cutting to the experts. We use semi professional & master cutters for cutting crystals & re-polishing worn gems. With your inquiry our jeweller will provide information on the condition of the gem's setting & repairs that may be required. Your preference for a particular cut/ shape & how best to display the gem colour is confirmed with the cutters & any recommendations they may have.

Are we wheelchair accessible?

Yes we are located close to disabled parking & our business entrance is easily accessible for all wheelchairs.

Do we rethread pearls?

Yes our re-threading services are available for all pearls, gemstone beads & Murano glass. Strands can be fully knotted or restrung without knots. We also use stainless wire trace where necessary.

Do we service watches?

Like our gem cutting, we have an expert watchmaker who we use for servicing, overhauls & pressure testing water resistant watches. We carry a large range of batteries & can fit them while you wait.