Gemmology Services

Gemmology Services

Gemstone testing

We're often asked to identify clients' gemstones they have inherited, purchased overseas, bought online or need confirmation for peace of mind.

Our jeweller Ben Nicholls is a trained Gemologist & member of the Gemmological Association of Australia. Testing faceted/cut gems set in jewellery & loose gems in their natural crystal shape. He can test for the type of gem, natural earth mined or synthetic laboratory grown & the treatments they may have sustained.

Identifying the inclusions & how they affect quality can ensure Ben is able to clearly explain any recommendations for wear & care of your precious gemstone. Included in the tests is cleaning of the jewellery item & a thorough check of the claws, bezels, bead & channel setting condition.

Many Tasmanian gem hunters who enjoy finding sapphires, topaz, spinel, chrysoberyl & zircons in the shallows of a quiet Tasmanian stream, find our services most helpful.

Whether your cultured pearls are freshwater or south sea, or your emeralds are natural or hydrothermal, or you need advice on how to wear zircons that easily scratch, we are more than happy to help.