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Launceston Precision Jewellers is a leader in manufacturing jewellery and jewellery design in Tasmania. We create designs you'll love, and manufacture the quality you deserve.

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Launceston Precision Jewellers

Hand crafted, custom designed jewellery for any occasion

They say the best things come in small packages. Some of the most precious items we have created have been simple & elegant without taking away the focus of the design & beautiful gemstone. Naturally a jeweller loves to create a bold statement of vivid colour, with a shower of sparkling diamonds in a statement piece displaying the precision in their craft.

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Gemstone testing

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Our jeweller Ben Nicholls is a certified Gemologist & member of the Gemmological Association of Australia. Ben can test for the type of gem, natural earth mined or synthetic laboratory grown & the treatments they may have sustained. We're often asked to identify clients' gemstones which they have inherited, purchased overseas, bought online or needing confirmation for peace of mind.

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