Cleaning your jewellery

My care guide

Our jewellery signifies special events in our lives, moments to remember, gifts of love & a little treat to yourself. To help our gemstones sparkle & our metals to shine, regular care insures the piece you love today can be the family heirloom of tomorrow. A general clean at home or a detailed service with our jeweller helps remove the grease & grime of everyday life.

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Protection from chemicals

Cleaning our hands regularly & the use of hand sanitiser can have terrible effects on our gems & metals. Many of the crystals like diamond, sapphire, ruby, tourmaline, garnet & aquamarine are fairly resistant to soap & shampoos. Organic & porous gems like pearl, coral, opal, amber, and bone can absorb these chemicals creating discolouring, cracking & surface damage.

Metals like silver are known to tarnish easily, whereas some golds, platinum & titanium/ zirconium can be more resistant.

  1. Removing rings when washing your hands prevents a build up of soap residue behind the stones which can help prevent skin irritations. This is also true for the shower or bath.
  2. Hand sanitisers have a high alcohol content which shouldn't affect most jewellery, however gems like pearls that are porous & glued in the setting should be removed to prevent surface damage & breakdown of the glue.
  3. Chlorine is not the only chemical in pools & spa baths. Silver can tarnish heavily within seconds & leather bracelets/ necklaces can break down. We highly recommend not wearing jewellery at these times.

If you would like a detailed service with our jeweller or have any questions, please reach out.